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    SECO® red training vest

    • 20050103
      • SECO® red training vest
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      • SECO® lime green training vest
  • Description

    For a player, a qualitative training form plays an important role. Training vest is not a mandatory attribute of the form, but for professionals, this thing is a useful and, sometimes, an indispensable accessory. Navy SECO training vest, which is presented on our site, will become an integral part of your workout.

    Training vest made in the form of a lightweight sleeves, which are worn over the form. Used for training in various sports. Dress up during rain or in cool weather. Training vest protects the form from pollution and allows you to create the best temperature mode for the player. By color gamut you can distinguish players of different teams.

    SECO training vest is allocated among the competitors of high quality. Made of polyester, it dries easily and quickly. Special tool, with which the product was impregnated, perfectly protects from moisture. Has a mesh structure designed for ideal ventilation. The minimum number of seams guarantees toughness and durability of the product.

    High quality SECO training vest will bring ease and comfort to your life. Choose a training vest from a variety of colors in our site.

    Size 1 2 3 4  
    Europe 3XS-2XS S-M L-XL 2XL-3XL  
    Width (cm) 46 55 60 65  
    Height (cm> 52 62 68 73  
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red
    • Country Brand: Germany