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    SECO® bag for training equipment

    • 18080900
  • Description

    Sports equipment plays an important role in building an interesting, functional and effective training. The SECO inventory will help you diversify and design professional training.

    Cones, markers and circles help to correctly mark the field. With them, you can create a variety of obstacles, multi-level barriers and thereby increase the usefulness of the training.

    Some items have very compact dimensions. For convenience, they can be stored together in one place. For this purpose, the SECO bag for training equipment will help you. Made of high quality materials, it has a mesh structure and a rigid bottom. Tightened on a lace.

    The SECO bag is the ideal option for storing and transporting small sports equipment. It is suitable for field markers, small cones and flat markers.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: black
    • Size, cm: 28,5х20х20
    • Country Brand: Germany