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    Orange SECO® field marker

    • 18010106
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      • Orange SECO® field marker
      • Lime green neon SECO® field marker
  • Description

    Orange SECO® field marker is universal and necessary thing for everyone. Thanks to marker small size and lightness it's easy to take it with you wherever you go. Bright marker color can be seen from far away against the background of a variety of surfaces.

    Field markers are mostly used in football due to its visibility against the background of a green lawn. But, you can use it in almost any kind of sport and during outdoor activities. For example, field markers can be used to determine the border of the field for playing badminton, outline the boundaries of the permissible play area for children in the nature. Markers also suited well for marking the road in roller sports and for helping you to improve your biking and skating skills.

    Practicality and low probability of injury during their use is the main advantage of field markers, which are made of solid non-toxic plastic.

    Thanks to the high quality of materials, this product is known for high durability. The price for the markers is low, so they are available to everyone. The product is compact in size: 20 cm in diameter, 5 cm in height.

    You will never regret buying field markers, because they can be useful in many life situations and will always serve as an excellent tool for marking area at the right moment. Field markers are conveniently stored in the trunk of a car, compactly transferred in a backpack.

    If you're training a sport team or you are the player yourself, if you like to spend time in outdoor activities, if you only begin learn how to ride a bike, a bright field marker will definitely be useful for you.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Height, cm: 5
    • Diameter, cm: 20
    • Country Brand: Germany