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    Yellow 50 cm SECO® barrier for running

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  • Description

    Football players often faced with obstacles during the game. In order to better prepare them for a variety of occasions on the field, it is necessary to construct the correct training and to work out similar situations.

    SECO® training barrier, presented on our site, will be an integral part of your workout. The barrier is used for exercises that develop repulsion and landing, jump performance, power and speed control. Facilitates the development of motion control, coordination, as well as leg force and speed of movement.

    Yellow SECO® barrier is made of high quality plastic and has a bright notable color. The barrier rises above the ground by fifty centimeters. By combining barriers of different heights, you can achieve maximum training efficiency.

    This versatile sporting equipment will be useful in many team sports. It is compact, doesn’t take up much space. It will be useful both for outdoor work and for training in the gym.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: yellow
    • Height, cm: 50
    • Country Brand: Germany