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    Soccer ball SECO® Dolphin size 5

    • 19150800
  • Description

    Quality training equipment is a key factor in successful training. One of the main attributes of football game is the ball, with which games are played and winning goals are scored.

    We present to your attention the SECO® soccer ball! The ball is made of high-quality, durable materials that provide him with improved grip with the foot of a football player and an optimal flight path.

    The design of the ball consists of 32 panels interconnected by the method of manual stitching. The latex bladder of the ball has a butyl valve that reliably holds air for a long time.

    All SECO® footballs have a bright, colorful design with rich colors and prints that can be clearly seen against the grass of a football pitch.

    By choosing a SECO® ball for training, you get a high-quality, reliable product that will help you improve your skills and reach new heights in football!


    • In the manufacture of balls used specially selected high-quality materials.
    • Increased durability allows for the balls to maintain their characteristics despite the influence of external factors.
    • Pannels of the ball are connected by hand stitching, which guarantees flawless performance qualities..
    • The design of each ball model was specially developed by SECO designers, with taking into account ensuring good visibility on the football field..
    • The optimal flight path is achieved due to the high aerodynamic properties of the ball..
    • Reliable latex chamber allows the ball to retain its shape.
    • Butyl bladder inside the ball holds air for a long time.
    • Durable threads which fastening the ball, as well as a special multi-layer construction, prevent moisture from entering and allow the use of balls in all weather conditions..
  • Characteristics

    • Размер: Size 5
    • Weight: 440 g
    • Number of backing layers: 4
    • Panel connection: hand stitch
    • Material: polyurethane/pvc
    • Cover type: artificial grass,natural grass,паркет, линолеум
    • Country Brand: Germany