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    SECO® resistance parachute

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    A professional athlete must possess a range of qualities that will help him to achieve high results and ensure the victory of his team. To do this, he needs to seriously approach the training process and diversify it with a special sporting equipment that will help achieve the goals.

    The SECO® resistance parachute belongs to the category of necessary sports equipment to help the athlete develop such important qualities as repulsive frequency, speed, strength, endurance, agility and coordination. The parachute will be useful not only in team sports, but also for runners, bodybuilders, fans of crossfit.

    Peculiarity of parachute training - constant resistance and change in load power. The small weight gives it an advantage over various weighers, without reducing the effect of the lesson.

    SECO® training parachute is an ideal option for for professionals and beginners. With it you will diversify your workout and achieve incredible results that will be noticed by others!

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    • Country Brand: Germany