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    SECO® orange training dummy for football 175 cm

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      • SECO® orange training dummy for football 175 cm
      • SECO® lime neon training dummy for football 175 cm
  • Description

    SECO training dummy, which is presented in our site, is a great device that will help you to diversify your training.

    Mannequins are in demand in professional and amateur training. With their help train free strokes, slalom, tackle, rapprochement, dribbling, pass and various tactical receptions. Perfectly suited for maximizing free kicks.

    SECO training dummy combines high quality, simplicity and reliability. Easy and practical in operation. Can be used alone and in complex. Fastened to the soil or grass using pins. For safety reasons, the pins are closed with special stubs.

    To use the dummy in the hall and on smooth surfaces there is a special stand that can be purchased on our site.

    Red SECO training dummy will diversify your workout and help to improve all the skills you need.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Height, cm: 175
    • Country Brand: Germany