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    Red SECO® training cone 48 cm

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      • Red SECO® training cone 48 cm
      • Yellow SECO® training cone 48 cm
  • Description

    Football training should be as effective as possible and develop all the necessary skills as best. Cones are used to visualize the boundaries and present constraints during training. SECO® training cone, which is presented on our site, is ideally suited for these purposes.

    Training with a cone improves agility and maneuverability, learn to keep a given pace and not stop at obstacles. Cones for marking are used to train the sense of the border, improve the trajectory and adjust the rotational motion.

    Thanks to the high quality of materials, this product is known for high durability. The price for the cones is low, so they are available to everyone. This cone has a height of thirty two centimeters, color — bright red. These characteristics allow to notice the cone easily on the background of green grass and road surface.

    If you're training a sport team or you are the player yourself, if you like to spend time in outdoor activities, if you only begin learn how to ride a bike, a bright SECO® cone will definitely be useful for you.

    You will never regret buying SECO® cones, because they can be useful in many life situations and will always serve as an excellent tool for marking area at the right moment. Cones are conveniently stored in the trunk of a car, compactly transferred in a backpack. In gym cones won’t take a lot of space and can be easily put one-in-one.
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red
    • Height, cm: 48
    • Country Brand: Germany