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    Orange SECO® barrier for running 51,5 cm

    • 20120205
  • Description

    The neon SECO® training barrier is a convenient and easy-to-use sports equipment that helps athletes to improve running, jumping, hitting power and speed, pushing off, landing skills during training.

    Barrier SECO® 51.5 cm high helps to develop coordination and control the movement process, improve maneuverability across the field. Also, it can be used in football training as a goal, and for training shots and passes.

    Due to the presence of pins, the barrier is used on a live field, strengthening it into the soil. For use in the hall, there is a special base (purchased separately), which serves as a "base" for installing the barrier.

    This model of sports equipment has a stable construction made of durable plastic and is available in two colors.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Height, cm: 51,5
    • Country Brand: Germany