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    SECO® neon coordination training ladder for running 10 steps 4 m

    • 20020106
  • Description

    The Coordination Ladder SECO® is not only a sports equipment for training, but also an easy-to-use trainer that suits athletes of all levels.

    The stairs are used to train football players, basketball players, runners, volleyball players, hockey players. She perfectly develops endurance, reaction speed, the ability to control her movements with high accuracy.

    The SECO® coordination ladder with 10 steps is an excellent option for training legs, increasing the level of maneuverability, for building up strength and endurance. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

    The ladder is lightweight, easily and quickly folds into a special cover.

    What's in the box: 1 running ladder
    Step material: plastic
    Lanyard material: polyester
    Number of steps: 10
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: neon
    • Length, cm: 400
    • Country Brand: Germany
    • Number of steps, pcs: 10