• SECO® Training rings 50 cm 8 pieces
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    SECO® Training rings 50 cm 8 pieces

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  • Description

    An intensive and well-chosen training system is a key factor in the life of each athlete, which allows him to quickly master new skills and improve his skills.

    SECO training rings, which are presented on our site, are recommended for training in order to improve the coordination, speed and speed of the reaction.

    Training rings are used in every football club, because the player's individual speed can be a decisive factor in the victory of the team.

    Training rings allow footballers to improve their speed at short distances and improve in a sharp change of direction. A quick scamper at the right moment can lead to the start of the attack and end with a scored goal.

    You can use several options for placing training rings that will be most effective and allow the use of different muscle groups.

    During the training, the ring can be located in two lines and perform jumping exercises from one ring to another. Also, you can use the jump method on one leg between rings or jumps with a change of direction of motion.

    The set of training SECO rings consists of eight rings of different colors in the mesh-nose. The diameter of each ring is about 50 centimeters. The rings in the set are presented in three colors - blue, yellow and red.

    Using SECO training rings, you can improve speed, reaction rate and agility, which will definitely help you to reach new heights in your favorite sport!

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red,neon
    • Diameter, cm: 50
    • Quantity, pcs: 8
    • Country Brand: Germany