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    Orange SECO® training cone with holes 38 cm

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      • Orange SECO® training cone with holes 38 cm
      • Neon SECO® training cone with holes 38 cm
  • Description

    In all kinds of sport players should be able to estimate the situation, to choose the proper tactics and don’t be afraid to overcome obstacles. SECO® training cones, which are presented in our site, is ideally suited for building an effective training.

    This product has a number of advantages and will be useful in different kinds of sport. Using SECO® cone at training can help to improve maneuverability, dexterity, learns how to keep pace when navigating obstacles and correctly overcome them.

    The main body of the cone has holes, where you can install bar. With help of this facilities can be made barriers with different height and complexity. It’ll allow you to diversify the workout at maximum.

    Cones are made of non-toxic plastic. Bright orange color visually stands out against the background of the playing field. The cone has a height of thirty eight centimeters, the diameter of the holes - three centimeters.

    You will never regret buying SECO® cones, because it will help you not only to make your workout more diverse, but also to increase its effectiveness.
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Height, cm: 38
    • Country Brand: Germany