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    SECO® net for football gates thread thickness: 4 mm size: 3.0*2.0*1.5 m

    • 18140601
  • Description

    The goal of any football game is to score at the gates of the opponent. The gate is one of the main components of the whole game. And they can not do without a quality net.

    We present to you SECO® net for football gates! High-quality product that will become an integral part of your game and training. This product has all the necessary characteristics that guarantee quality and durability. The thread is made of high-grade high-density polyethylene - durable wear-resistant material.

    Comes with two grids and a carrying case for carrying and storing. Our site offers a wide range of net for football gates. Meshes with a thread thickness from 2 to 4 mm are available for you. You can buy a net for football gates of the required size from us.

    Buying SECO® products, you provide yourself with reliable, modern sports equipment of high quality, which is always useful!

    *Attention! All photos show a grid thickness of 4 mm.

  • Characteristics

    • Grid size, m: 3.0*2.0*1.5
    • Thread thickness, mm: 4
    • Cell size, cm: 14*14
    • Cell shape: square
    • Colour: white
    • Package, pcs: 2
    • Thread material: high density polyethylene
    • Country Brand: Germany