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    Rebonder SECO®

    • 18120100
  • Description

    The course of the game may change one meaninglessly missed or well-scored ball. In the training of the goalkeeper it is important to pay attention to the correct selection of exercise complexes with a special inventory.

    The SECO device for reflecting of kicks designed to train players and goalkeepers. It is used as a wall to reflect the ball. A special tilt adjustment function allows you to create the necessary ball rebound angle to process individual exercises.

    Foreign trainers use a reflector to train young goalkeepers. Can be used for pair or for individual training. The product is light weight, so it's easy to fold and carry.

    Size: 105x97 cm
    Diameter: 30mm
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red
    • Size, cm: 105х97
    • Country Brand: Germany