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    SECO® red water bottle. Volume - 750 ml

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  • Description

    Each workout takes a lot of strength and energy. Therefore, it is important to maintain the correct water balance in the body in order to avoid the depletion of the body.

    Normally, the training doesn't last more than two hours. During the game players can't drink and usually drink only a few sips or wet their mouth. A combination of loads and a lot of water can have a bad effect on the stomach and heart. If training takes place during the heat, it is better to abandon the liquid at all until the end of the match.

    It is important not only how you drink water, but also where you store it. We introduce you a white SECO water bottle. The bottle is equipped with a screw cap and a food-drinker neck from food plastic. Thanks to its shape, it fits comfortably in the hand. Great for any kind of sport. Made from food plastic, has an optimal volume of 750 ml.

    The SECO bottle will be needed not only for athletes, but also for fans of cycling and active recreation. Due to its parameters, it is easily transferred to the backpack.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red
    • Volume, ml: 750
    • Country Brand: Germany