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    SECO® orange coordination training ladder for running 8 steps 4 m

    • 18020506
  • Description

    SECO ladder is intended for the development of high-speed skills while running on short distances, coordinating movements and synchronizing motor functions. Very effective for training "fast" legs. Training with a ladder train the work of the feet with the change of pace and direction. Helps to develop speed and agility.

    This is a popular product for most sports, because showing the best results is the most important thing for athletes. Training with SECO training coordinating ladder develops high coordination of movements and the balance of the whole body. The trainer personally develops special training exercises, during which the necessary skills are improved: acceleration, speed and technique.

    The ladder is made of high quality plastic and polyester. The length of the ladder is six meters, number of steps — twelve.

    You can use SECO training ladder both in the street and in the hall. It can easily be folded and carried in a special case. It will be useful for training in various sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, as well as for crossfit training.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Length, cm: 600
    • Country Brand: Germany
    • Number of steps, pcs: 12