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    SECO® yellow clip for slalom pole

    • 18080600
  • Description

    In modern sports, most training take place using special training equipment, which allows athletes to quickly master and improve their skills.

    Slalom pole are used to train athletes in contact sports. The base for the SECO slalom pole combined with the SECO slalom pole is used as a simulation of obstacles to train the dribbling skills and increase maneuverability of the athlete.

    SECO clip for slalom pole used to improve stability of pole.

    Slalom poles are often used in the training of children's teams to train younger athletes how to control the ball and correctly move on the field. Training with a slalom pole is possible both with the use of the ball, and without it.

    In addition, the slalom pole can be used in competitions, tournaments and relay races.

    While using the slalom pole for dribbling training, it’s recommended to use different sequences of passage of poles. To achieve maximum efficiency, it's worthwhile to change the distance between poles and the direction of the ball during training.

    Clip for slalom pole is easy to carry thanks to its compact size and quickly and simply connected to a slalom pole. An excellent combination of classical materials and technologies, allowing the SECO slalom pole ideally suited for any training situations.
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: yellow
    • Diameter, cm: 2.5
    • Country Brand: Germany