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    SECO® orange 1 m gymnastic stick

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      • SECO® yellow 1 m gymnastic stick
      • SECO® blue 1 m gymnastic stick
      • SECO® orange 1 m gymnastic stick
  • Description

    Gymnastic stick - one of the few essential accessories for the effective sports training. This, at first glance, ordinary product helps to fix posture problems. The stick is used to warm up and train both individual muscle groups and the entire body.

    SECO gymnastic stick, which is presented on our site, is a high quality universal product that is essential not only at the gym, but also at home.

    Training with gymnastic stick will help develop physical qualities, motor and other skills that have a positive effect on all muscle groups. With a variety of stick exercises, you can achieve excellence in the coordination of movements, develop the flexibility of the entire body and increase strength.

    SECO gymnastic stick will be needed in any sport, it’s a perfect accessory for yoga and pilates. It can be used in both group and single workouts.
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: orange
    • Diameter, cm: 2.5
    • Length, cm: 100
    • Country Brand: Germany