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    Pole/crossbar SECO®

    • 18010707
  • Description

    In all kinds of sport players should be able to estimate the situation, to choose the proper tactics and don’t be afraid to overcome obstacles. SECO crossbar for cones, which is presented in our site, is the best choice for an effective training and visualization of different obstacles.

    You can also use this inventory as a slalom pole. The sharp tip perfectly enters the ground.

    The crossbar are used in pair with training cone with holes. Such combination of sport inventory allows to make cone-barrier. It helps in training the high of jump, improves speed and technique of a player.

    Crossbar are made of non-toxic high quality plastic. Bright color improves visual perception.

    With SECO crossbar you can maximize the varieties of training process, improve your skills and don’t stop on achieved.
  • Characteristics

    • Colour: neon
    • Diameter, cm: 0.8
    • Length, cm: 88
    • Country Brand: Germany