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    Container SECO® for 6 bottles (empty)

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  • Description

    Each workout takes a lot of strength and energy. Therefore, it is important to maintain the correct water balance in the body in order to avoid the depletion of the body.

    Normally, the training doesn't last more than two hours. During the game players can't drink and usually drink only a few sips or wet their mouth. A combination of loads and a lot of water can have a bad effect on the stomach and heart. If training takes place during the heat, it is better to abandon the liquid at all until the end of the match.

    It is important not only how you drink water, but also where you store it. Sports bottles for water are presented on our site and it's much more convenient to keep them together, so we bring you the SECO container for bottles.

    SECO container designed for 6 bottles of 750 ml. Bottles are not included in the complex. Made of high quality plastic, the color is red. To save space, the product is equipped with special folding sidewalls.

    The SECO container will be useful for you if you are a coach or a player if you enjoy active rest or you have a big company. With it it's easier to transport bottles with drinks and store them in one place.

  • Characteristics

    • Colour: red
    • Country Brand: Germany